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Do you have a goal, dream, or desire that you wish to fulfill and despite all of your efforts, you still have not reached it? We all reach a point in life where we desire positive change. We may ask, is there more to life than this? Whoever you are and whatever your profession, life path, goals, or dreams; Sigh Life is dedicated to helping you discover your power to reach your next level. You may be building a business, or seeking a promotion, or wanting to manage your weight, whatever it is you desire to do, we can help you do it by connecting you with the best resources, confidence, courage, drive, and persistence. 


Sigh Life empowers you to take necessary steps now to master life and break old patterns that keep you from reaching your goals. Enhance your inner peace, confidence, and well-being in life. Discover what the good life feels like and experience lasting happiness and satisfying life purpose. The Sigh Life approach to empowerment helps you get there.

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Cleveland Joel Sigh

Esoteric Minister / Author

I have combined my training and experience in diverse areas to create a series of educational workshops and seminars, lectures, and other approaches that help you develop a new life. My greatest joy comes from helping clients, like yourself, to create their own cosmology and biography to create more spiritual freedom and understanding. Now is your the time to experience the joy and inner peace that comes from knowing your purpose, having freedom along the way, and feeling loved and supported. 


Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that helps clients establish empowering habits, overcome guilt, create inner peace, understand their own inner dialogue, and much more. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy increases healing response and reduces the negative effects of stressful events. The style and approach of SIgh Life empowers you to create a life of wealth, satisfaction, wholeness, inner peace, fulfillment, compassion, and joy. 

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The educational workshops and seminars, and lectures offered by Sigh Life SEEDS helps you or your organization to develop greater satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment in multiple areas of life. Attendees are shown how to create wealth, satisfaction, wholeness, inner peace, fulfillment, compassion, and joy in their personal and professional lives. 


For More information check out the Emancipation Seminar and the Your Path Series. Take the next steps in creating the life you desire!


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Sigh Life
Society for Empowerment, Education, Development, and Sustainability

Santa Clara, CA 95051

Tel: 401-588-2687


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